Trainer Profile

Dr. Chua's consultancy service is unique to the Malaysia environment. His education background on strategy and marketing as well as his down to earth style are major factors in influencing his ways of tackling the business. He is a strong proponent of K.I.S.S. as can be seen from his canned sales talks. Like McDonald's, he does not believe in selling too many things, trying to be 'everything to everybody'. The first and most important lesson he will teach you is 'Know Who You Want To Sell To'. McDonalds' 'Happy Meal' is not sold at all outlets throughout the world by accident. The same should be applied to our business.

After witnessing the many failures in our business due to wrong priority, he is not apologetic when he asks his clients to focus on 'profit', because he knows your family has high expectation on you. What others tell you to do or to be is not important.

Agency Managers who engage his services know that he is someone you can rely on, whether it is a business or family problem. He is a no non-sense person as far as developing the life insurance business is concerned. He will go to great length to talk about the business if he finds the new recruit is good. He can 'smell' the potential of a person in this business and will not be afraid to ask the prospective agent to continue with his present job if he finds him not up to his mark. He believes this approach is more human. This is a great difference from many agency leaders who will not hesitate to take in anybody (whom he knows has no potential) due to self-interest.

Dr. Chua is a successful entrepreneur as well as investor. His investment approach and beliefs can be found in his talks delivered during his mentoring programmes. Many Malaysians lost their money in the stock market and properties because of wrong beliefs. He still thinks you can make money from these two sectors, provided you study the market before investing. Of course, life insurance plays an important role in his investment portfolio.

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